Intel’s Camino to ship at last

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Intel's Camino to ship at last

After two delays, sources say Intel will finally ship its Camino chip set in the fourth quarter – most likely in November.

Intel officials claimed no knowledge of a meeting held to inform customers of the revised launch date for Camino, or Intel 820, as it is officially known.

Earlier this week, Intel publicly denied published reports that the Camino would be released in the first quarter of 2000.

The Carmel chip set, or Intel 840, which contains two Direct Rambus channels, is still on schedule to be launched Oct. 25 in conjunction with Intel’s Coppermine microprocessors.

Industry sources said the the Camino launch last month was delayed by a bug that caused signal integrity issues in motherboards using three Direct Rambus memory module slots. Some sources suggest the reworked design, using a two-slot module implementation, could force suppliers to scrap existing Camino-based motherboards.

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