HP takes on the white box

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HP takes on the white box

Hewlett-Packard tomorrow introduces a new, low-cost Brio PC.

The Brio BA 200 comes equipped with a 433MHz Celeron processor, 40X CD-ROM, 8.4 GB hard drive, 64MB of RAM and a 56 kbps modem, for $649. A second model with a 4.3 GB hard drive without a modem will sell for $499. A 15″ monitor costs another $150.

HP is targeting the new Brio at small businesses that buy so-called “white box” PCs – non-branded PCs assembled by resellers or consumer PCs from manufacturers at retail.

HP will also offer a $99 rebate in exchange for a one-year commitment, or $400 for a three-year commitment, to an ISP that has not yet been named.

Read the full story online at www.zdnn.com.