IDT soups up SRAMs

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IDT soups up SRAMs

Integrated Device Technology is increasing the speed and density of its specialty SRAM families.

The chip maker plans to unveil what it says are the largest and fastest multiport SRAM and bidirectional FIFOs available.

Tailored for high-speed networking equipment operating at low voltages, IDT claims to have developed the industry’s first 1-Mbit dual-port SRAM implemented on a single chip. The devices offer 133MHz synchronous operation, to deliver up to 9.6 gigabit per second throughput. Separate clocks on each port let buses run at different frequencies, while 9-bit Byte-enabled support lets each port interface with buses of different widths.

Volume pricing ranges from $30 to $132 per unit. Densities from 16 to 512 kbits are available now, with 1-, 2-, and 4-Mbit devices to follow in the first quarter of 2000.

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