Intel, AMD cut chip prices

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Intel, AMD cut chip prices

Intel and AMD may have delivered an early Christmas present to consumers by igniting a pre-holiday price war.

The chip makers dropped prices up to 24 percent following the release of Intel’s “Coppermine” Pentium IIIs, which run at speeds ranging from 450MHz to 733MHz.

The 733MHz and 700MHz Coppermine sell for $776 and $754, respectively, in volume quantities. As a result, AMD’s fastest Athlon, at 700MHz version, dropped 18 percent from $849 to $699. The 650MHz dropped 16 percent to $519.

Intel also rolled out new, cheaper packaging on some 500MHz and 550MHz Coppermine Pentium IIIs. The new package mimics the package seen on Celeron chips. The 667MHz, 650MHz, and 600MHz Coppermine Pentium IIIs came out at $655, $583, and $455. The older 600MHz Pentium III dropped 24 percent from $615 to $465, while the 550MHz and 500MHz Coppermines in the new, more cost-effective packages came out at $368 and $239.

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