Police solve Comdex killing – too late

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Police solve Comdex killing - too late

Almost a decade after the crime, Las Vegas police say they may have the answer to who killed video game programmer Larry Volk.

The software engineer was killed execution-style while working on his car outside his Las Vegas mobile home, vexing Nevada police, prosecutors and some Comdex attendees, who have puzzled over the identity and motive of Volk’s killer for nine years.

Now, practically on the eve of another Comdex computer show, police say the gunman has finally confessed. But in a bizarre twist of justice, the killer won’t serve a single day behind bars for the crime.

Volk’s specialty was his skill in programming video-poker machines, and it led to his undoing. Police now say Volk was a whistle-blower, who’s evidence of software “rigging” of the gambling devices resulted in million-dollar fines against his employers at American Coin Co.

A drifter named David Lemons was suspected of the killing, tried and acquitted for lack of evidence in 1993.

Lemonshas since confessed to the crime, claiming that he received $5,000 for the killing from a Las Vegas real estate agent connected to American Coin’s owners.

Because of his previous acquittal on the charges,double jeopardy laws mean Lemon cannot now be prosecuted for the murder.

The bizarre story, which has become part of Comdex folklore, is chronicled at www.zdnn.com.


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