New threat from ‘FunLove’ virus

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New threat from 'FunLove' virus

Just days after news of a pernicious self-replicating worm known as the BubbleBoy virus, computer administrators are being warned about a virus that attacks the file security system of the Windows NT operating system.

Technically called W32.FunLove, the `FunLove’ virus targets Windows 95 and 98 systems as well, dropping an executable file, fclss.exe, into the Windows system directory. In NT, the file modifies the kernel so that every system user has administrative rights to the server, regardless of the protection.

Experts at Symantec Corp.’s AntiVirus Research Center say the virus has already brought down the servers of a large company in Europe and has also been detected in U.S. companies. However, they don’t expect it to spread quickly because it doesn’t have the ability to e-mail itself, like the Melissa virus.

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