MS mediator to quell DOJ discord

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MS mediator to quell DOJ discord

Court papers in the Microsoft antitrust case indicate that the judge appointed a mediator in order to address the issue of “divergent views” among state and federal prosecutors.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson said in court transcripts that his decision to appoint Chicago appeals court judge Richard Posner as a mediator in the case was “partly motivated by what I think are somewhat disturbing reports in the press [that] the plaintiffs are proceeding on, quote, parallel tracks.”

The judge also expressed concern about maintaining harmony between the states and the DOJ. “I would not like to have to deal with divergent points of view,” Jackson said.

Reports have surfaced that the government camp is divided on several important issues, such as whether to seek the remedy of forcing Microsoft to give away the source code to Windows, and limiting the comany’s ability to tie Web browsing technology to its products.

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