Worm masquerades as Y2K bug

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Worm masquerades as Y2K bug

Anti-virus researches are raising warning flags over the newly discovered W32/Mypics.worm virus, which is programmed to deliver a destructive payload on New Years Eve.

The virus comes in an e-mail without a subject line and contains a message that reads “Here’s some pictures for you!” The worm initially acts like Melissa, mailing itself the top 50 entries in a user’s Outlook address book.

But the e-mail also contains an executable attachment, labeled Pics4You.exe, which infects the user’s PC with the worm if it is opened. The worm is programmed to overwrite part of the hard drive of the infected PC, timed to strike on Jan. 1, 2000. If that PC is rebooted anytime after the New Year, the worm has the potential to completely reformat the hard drive, wiping out all stored data. The glitch will try to disguise itself as a Y2K problem.

Further details are posted in the story at www.zdnn.com.