More Pentium III price cuts ahead

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More Pentium III price cuts ahead

Intel will announce slight price reductions on its Pentium III family next weekend, followed by even deeper discounts early next year, according to The Register.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker reportedly will slash the price of its flip chip, socket 370 Pentium III-600 – with 256K cache and 133MHz bus support – to about $310/1000.

Also in late January, sources say the company will drop the price of its .25 micron Pentium III-500 to around $190/1000. That’s when Intel introduces the Pentium III-750, likely to cost around $740/1000, although it’s still not clear whether the 750MHz chip will include 133MHz front side bus support.

More price cuts are expected in late February on both Celerons and Pentium IIIs.

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