Toshiba offers slimmer, faster notebooks

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Toshiba offers slimmer, faster notebooks

Toshiba has introduced new Tecra and Portege corporate notebooks, based on the latest Intel mobile Pentium IIIs.

Featuring larger displays and thinner cases, the new models wrap eye-catching silver magnesium cases around Pentiums running at up to 500MHz..

The Portege 7140CT is 4.4-pounds and one” thick, including a 13.3″ display. With a 6GB hard drive, 64MB of memory and Windows NT, the mini-notebook is priced at $3,399.

The Tecra 8100, priced on a build-to-order basis, includes the Intel Pentium III processor, up to 256MB of memory, a 1.4″ thick design, up to a 14.1″ display and a DVD-ROM drive as an option.

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