Rambus to expand beyond DRAM

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Rambus to expand beyond DRAM

Rambus has appointed a new president to lead the company in a search for new markets that demand high-speed chip-to-chip connections.

Long-time senior executive David Mooring has stepped up to the presidential post. Mooring was formerly vice president and general manager of the PC division at Rambus. Former president Geoff Tate will remain with the company as CEO.

The company’s expanded focus will include the possibility of equity investments or outright acquisitions, as Rambus seeks technological challenges similar to the gap between CPU and main memory frequencies that propelled the development of its Direct Rambus DRAM program for the past three years.

New areas for exploration include the network communications sector, PC I/Os, the CPU’s front side bus, logic-to-logic interfaces in multi-processor server environments, and virtually any area where data must be shuttled from one device to another.

The complete story is available online at www.techweb.com.