Intel, AMD price war escalates

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Intel, AMD price war escalates

Prices for Pentium III chips dropped by up to 31 percent as Intel stepped up its market share rivalry with AMD.

The latest round of Pentium cuts fall mostly in the 20 percent range. The 733MHz Pentium III, for instance, was reduced to $594 – a 21 percent discount. Likewise, the 650MHz version dropped 25 percent discount to $423.

AMD followed with cuts up to 31 percent on its Athlon family, and decreases of 50 percent and more across its mobile line.

The 750MHz and 700MHz Athlons have been reduced 14 percent, to $689 and $519, respectively. The 650MHz Athlon dropped 25 percent to $389, while the 600MHz was cut to $289, a 31 percent decrease.

AMD’s most sweeping cuts were in the mobile sector. Its 475MHz K6-2 fell 48 percent to $108, while the 450MHz K6-2 shrunk 54 percent to $86. The 433Mhz dropped 52 percent, down to $75.

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