Intel designs "quad-pumped" bus

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Intel designs "quad-pumped" bus

Intel is developing a new processor bus designed to reach a clock speed of 400MHz when running the chipmaker’s next-generation Foster and McKinley server microprocessors.

The “quad-pumped” frontside bus will be common to both the 32-bit Foster and 64-bit McKinley, the latter of which is slated to succeed the Itanium processor, according to sources.

Foster is expected to be unveiled late this year or early in 2001, supporting up to four processors per server. The device will be supported by the new Colusa chipset, which is also in development.

McKinley should debut next year as a full-production version of Intel’s IA-64 architecture. The new 128-bit bus will have double the width of Intel’s highest current processor bus, sources said.

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