Torvalds delivers the skinny on Linux

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Torvalds delivers the skinny on Linux

Attendees at the LinuxWorld trade in New York got the Linux low-down directly from the operating system’s creator, as Linus Torvalds surprised many by stating that he supports fragmentation and commercialization of the open source OS effort.

“You want to have a market where everybody gets to do their own thing and where one entity doesn’t control it,” Torvalds said. “The key is modularity. You don’t solve every problem with one huge operating system.”

Torvalds also hailed the contribution of commercialism in the development of Linux, saying that profit-motivated Linux companies have groomed the OS to make it a better, more user-friendly product.

The programmer also provided the Linux crowd with a development update: The 2.4 kernel has been delayed, and still faces a “few more months of development.”

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