FBI hunts cyber saboteurs

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FBI hunts cyber saboteurs

U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno announced that the federal government has launched an all-out criminal investigation to stop the sabotage that felled web sites from Ebay to Yahoo.

ZDNet, MSN, E*Trade and CNN were the latest victims to join the all-star list of sites that includes eBay, Buy.com, Yahoo! and Amazon – all have been taken down for hours by anonymous denial-of-service attacks.

The law enforcement officials are in the process of collecting and analyzing logs from the sites targeted by unknown attackers.

“At this time we’re not aware of the motives of these attacks, but they look to be intended to disrupt electronic commerce,” Reno said.

The full story is posted at www.zdnn.com.

The audio of the press conference is available at www.zdradio.com.


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