Apple unwraps new iBooks, PowerBooks

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Apple unwraps new iBooks, PowerBooks

In his keynote presentation at MacWorld Expo/Tokyo, Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled new iBooks and professional PowerBooks.

The iBook Special Edition, priced at $1,799, features 64MB of RAM, a 6GB hard drive and 366MHz PowerPC G3 processor.

The latest generation of Apple’s PowerBook G3, code-named Pismo, will be available in 500MHz and 400MHz configurations. Priced at $3,499 and $2,499, the 5.7-pound systems feature up to 10 hours of battery life, two built-in 400Mbps FireWire ports, 1MB of Level 2 backside cache, a 100MHz system bus, a DVD-ROM drive, two USB ports and hard drives up to 18GB.

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