Buyer beware: Fake Athlons in circulation

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Buyer beware: Fake Athlons in circulation

A Florida-based CPU reseller is warning consumers to be on the alert for counterfeit Athlon processors.

ComputerNerd USA said it recently received a shipment of what turned out to be fake Athlons after noticing that the packaging appeared to have been opened and remarked.

Inside, the original serial number on the circuit card had been removed, replaced with another slightly smaller sticker with different printing than the original AMD sticker. The metal clips holding the CPU circuit card also showed signs of having been opened and reclosed, and some resistor pads on the circuit card showed clear traces of removal or resoldering.

In addition, the plastic cartridge back cover on the phony CPUs appears different from the original AMD cover, suggesting a large-scale counterfeiting operation, the company said.

More information is posted online at