IBM rethinks theThinkPad

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IBM rethinks theThinkPad

IBM will introduce two new ThinkPad lines, the T20 and A20, next month.

The ThinkPad T20 will weigh less than five pounds and come with Pentium III processors running up to 700 MHz, along with DVD drives and other options.

The entry-level ThinkPad A20 will weigh 6.4 pounds and include a 500-MHz Celeron processor, 64MB of RAM, 6GB hard drive, 24X CD-ROM drive, 56K modem and 12.1″ TFT screen, at a cost of about $1,800.

The high-end A20 will include a 700-MHz Pentium III SpeedStep processor, 128MB of RAM, 18GB hard drive, 6X DVD-ROM drive, 56K modem, network card and 16MB of video memory, and will sell for about $4,000.

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