U.K. passes e-tap law, RIP

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U.K. passes e-tap law, RIP

A United Kingdom Internet surveillance law was passed this week that forces British ISPs to route e-mail data to the MI5 security agency. The bill also gives the Home Office power to demand any encryption key with the threat of a two-year prison term for non-compliance. In addition, those who are told to hand over the keys are barred from telling anyone, with a five-year prison term as punishment if they do. Ironically, the law is known as the Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) bill and many security experts consider it largely ineffectual because it is easily circumvented and based on an obsolete model of the Internet.

For more information on the bill, see either www.msnbc.com or www.thestandard.com. For specific criticism of the bill, see www.newscientist.com.