Xtrem promises 1.2GHz Mac

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Xtrem promises 1.2GHz Mac

Xtrem, a small company based in Stockholm, Sweden, says it will sell 1.2GHz Macs, running on only one PowerPC processor, by the end of the year. According to an analyst from The Register, the machine is an “off-the-shelf Power Mac G4 mobo, processor, memory, PCI cards and peripherals slotted into a new case and overclocked threefold.” The writer speculates that the motherboard’s frontside bus and the graphics card are also overclocked. To deal with massive heat production, Xtrem promises an “active cooling system,” but doesn’t explain what that means though speculation runs toward liquid. The announcement has been met with considerable skepticism but others say that the company’s plans are feasible.

For more information, read www.theregister.co.uk,www.techweb.com, or zdnn.com.


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