Infineon vows to fight Rambus, Intel waffles

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Infineon vows to fight Rambus, Intel waffles

After Rambus filed a patent violation suit against the giant German chip maker Infineon, a Rambus spokesman said last week that settlement negotiations between the two companies had resumed. That statement, it appears now, was wishful thinking as Infineon has clearly stated it is serious about taking on the California licenser of chip design technologies. According to insiders, Infineon was already anxious to go after Rambus, believing its patents invalid, but was hesitant to be seen as the bully in a contest with the smaller Rambus. Now, however, Infineon has been freed to act as Rambus has, in effect, thrown the first punch.

The suit filed by Rambus has, reportedly, pleased not only Infineon but the rest of the chip industry that has wanted a legal forum where they can try to prove that Rambus was awarded patents for research done in the public domain at an open-standards conference. Intel, however, has withdrawn from a group companies that had considered joining in a suit against Rambus when its involvement was leaked by other participants.

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