Intel recalls 1.13 GHz Pentiums

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Intel recalls 1.13 GHz Pentiums

Intel’s 1.13 GHz Pentium III, originally shipped July 31, has been recalled due to system errors caused by the chip. Dell Computer, IBM and a few European companies have stopped shipping PCs with Intel’s fastest chip inside. For Intel, the timing could not be much worse as the recall announcement was made on the day that Advanced Micro Devices announced that PCs runnings its 1.1 GHz Athlon were available. Intel has promised to satisfy the “tens of thousands, at most” who have received the faulty chip.

Analysts speculate that Intel may have let pressure from challenger AMD force a premature release, noting that the 1.13 GHz chip appeared late on roadmaps and has had trouble on the manufacturing side as well. Company spokespersons say that a corrected chip should be available in a few months.

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