Nvidia sues 3dfx Interactive

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Nvidia sues 3dfx Interactive

Nvidia Corp. is suing 3dfx Interactive Inc., asking for injunctive relief and damages based on Nvidia’s allegations that certain 3dfx Interactive graphics chips use patented Nvidia technologies. Nvidia says 3dfx Interactive’s VooDoo 3, 4 and 5 as well as the VSA-100 3D graphics accelerating products violate Nvidia patents.

3dfx Interactive, that filed its own still undecided patent suit against Nvidia two years ago, said it would fight the suit. 3dfx’s suit, over multi-texturing technology, may be decided soon and the president of 3dfx contends that Nvidia’s suit is an attempt to force a settlement.

For more information, read theregister.co.uk,semibiznews.com and semibiznews.com.