Aimster says it is talking to Intel

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Aimster says it is talking to Intel

Aimster is the file-sharing program based on Napster that uses AOL’s Instant Messaging service as a protected environment for film and music trading. According to a spokesman for those who wrote the program, the group will announce next week that it has 1 million users less than a month after launching, and that Intel wants to form a strategic alliance.

At the Intel Developer Forum, the peer-to-peer vision of the future was endorsed by executives of the company. A partnership between the two companies would signal a clear change in the politics of file-sharing. Intel would not comment on the report but did say it had formed an industry working group for the support of peer-to-peer standards and protocols. Moreover, the company has said that its venture capital arm is preparing to invest in P2P start-ups. Intel has also contributed, through trade associations, to legal efforts supporting Napster.

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