Is AMD going to buy Transmeta?

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Is AMD going to buy Transmeta?

Jack Robertson of the Electronic Buyers’ News and other analysts have conjectured that the $2 billion that Advanced Micro Devices wants to raise through the sale of stock and securities is earmarked for the purchase of Transmeta. AMD has filed to raise the money with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission but was no more specific, in its request, than a statement regarding future acquisitions. Transmeta is currently riding a wave of positive press and word-of-mouth with the early release by Sony of the laptop that uses the company’s chip. And, perhaps not coincidentally, Transmeta has recently repurchased its primary chip patent licenses from other manufacturers. Intel is already being double-teamed by AMD and Transmeta and a merger of the two, if it happened, could present an even more powerful force in the IC world.

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