Nvidia plans integrated PC-graphics chip sets

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Nvidia plans integrated PC-graphics chip sets

Details of Nvidia Corp.’s as yet unacknowledged excursion into the market for integrated chip sets for PCs, reportedly within the next half year, are coming out in the chip business media. Jack Robertson of the Electronic Buyers’ News reports that Nvidia is nearly set to compete with Intel and Taiwanese suppliers, offering a simplified version of the GE Force graphics card. According to unnamed sources, the chip set supports Intel and AMD microprocessors, and already appears on motherboard maker Asustek Computer Inc.’s road map for boards shipping Q1, 2001. Sources say the chip set will use an embedded version of the GE Force engine, that can reportedly outperform Intel’s 752 graphics core, and may force Intel to upgrade the 752. Nvidia’s NV25 processor will drive Microsoft’s X-Box game console.

For more information, read the source article at semibiznews.com.