NEC-Hitachi proceeds without Rambus

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NEC-Hitachi proceeds without Rambus

When NEC and Hitachi got together, analysts wondered if the joint venture would inherit NEC’s traditional intimacy with Rambus Inc., or adopt Hitachi’s skepticism about the usefulness of the Rambus technology. Despite a recently signed agreement with the technology-licensing firm, NEC-Hitachi’s answer seems to bode ill for Rambus. Last week at the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) Microelectronic Materials Strategy Symposium in San Francisco, NEC-Hitachi’s workstations conspicuously lacked RDRAM memory. Moreover, the company planted hints that the next generation of DRAM, designed for high-end PCs by 2003, will avoid patent entanglements with Rambus. Brian Matas, a VP for IC Insights Inc., called the news a “Big blow for Rambus.”

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