Carnivore reviewers exposed

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Carnivore reviewers exposed

Responding to the demands of privacy advocates, the US Department of Justice agreed to a review of the FBI’s controversial e-surveillance Carnivore program. Top universities refused, however, to take part in the study, calling it a “rubber stamp.” The DoJ then hired a relatively unknown group, the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Research Institute. For approximately $175,000, the supposedly independent group agreed to execute the review, though without the right to publish any commentary not specifically requested or edited by the DoJ.

In an ironic twist, the DoJ published, on the Web, a document about the research group with personal information “blacked out.” In fact, the information was not eliminated but only masked and, once recovered, the data revealed that the organization is made up of White House insiders, individuals who have, or have had, large government contracts, and other DoJ and Clinton administration allies.

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