TI, AMD counter Intel’s wireless plan

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TI, AMD counter Intel's wireless plan

Two weeks after Intel, the leading provider of flash memory for cell phones, announced plans to enter the wireless platform business, Texas Texas Instruments and Advanced Micro Devices have announced an agreement to put AMD’s flash memory into TI’s cell phone development platform. Analysts see the agreement as an effort to prevent Intel from using its flash memory experience to force its way into this lucrative chip market presently dominated by TI. AMD will focus on developing flash memory compatible with TI chips that will result in smaller chips with lower power requirements and faster memory access. The cell phone chip market is already bigger than the PC chip market by a factor of four and some analysts say cell phone sales will surpass 1 billion a year by 2004.

For more information, read electronicnews.com,news.com and/or semibiznews.com.