Motorola shows in-car Bluetooth

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Motorola shows in-car Bluetooth

Intel Corp. is doing a complete rework, or core “stepping,” of the 1.13 GHz Pentium III processor, recalled after Dr. Thomas Pabst of Tom’s Hardware discovered serious problems with the MPU. According to Intel documents, the chip release will be delayed until the second quarter of 2001. “Steppings” can take place throughout the lifespan of a chip to improve performance and fix problems. In this case, P3s running at 800-MHz and faster will undergo revision, resulting in a 5 percent reduction in the chips’ die size as well as error correction. Intel will release the new 0.18-micron process 1.13 GHz chip in a “flip-chip” package for socketed processors rather than a slot cartridge. A 0.13-micron process 1.13 GHz P3 Coppermine-T will be released one quarter later.

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