NEC shows Transmeta notebook

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NEC shows Transmeta notebook

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. has, for now, the fastest chip on the PC market in its 1.2 GHz Athlon microprocessor. Exploiting Intel’s problems, AMD’s image has been decisively upgraded recently, contributing to the adoption of the low-end Duron by Hewlett-Packard. Both products have been heavily pre-sold. AMD has nearly halved 1,000-unit prices on Athlons, cutting the 1.1GHz from $853 to $460. 1GHz Athlons have been cut from $612 to $350. The 950 was reduced from $460 to $282. The Athlon 1.2GHz will cost $612 by the thousand.

Meanwhile, The Register reports that a Swedish company is pre-selling a 1.33GHz Athlon, though AMD has informed the firm that the product should not be available yet. The writer speculates that the chip would likely be announced at Comdex Fall, meaning a December release.

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