Xerox seeks help profiting from PARC

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Xerox seeks help profiting from PARC

The Taiwanese Acer Laboratories Inc. (ALi) is preparing a RISC processor and game emulation software that can be used to produce DVD players capable of playing games for PCs as well as Sony Playstation and Playstation2 games. The system is, reportedly, aimed at the Chinese market. It is not yet known if Sony has licensed the right to ALi to build PlayStation emulators and the Japanese company has sued several other companies that have previously done the same.

In related news, ALi is reportedly preparing an Athlon and Duron chipset that will support 266MHz DDR SDRAM for November production. ALI plans on producing chipsets supporting AMD Athlon and the forthcoming Pentium 4, though Intel initially planned only to support Rambus DRAM.

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