Group sees desktop chip fabs

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Group sees desktop chip fabs

Monday, Advanced Micro Devices Inc. will reportedly announce its AMD 760 chipset featuring several enhancements designed to push Athlon-based PC performance to forthcoming Pentium 4 levels. The announcement, another strike at Intel, will unveil a faster front side bus, up from 200MHz to 266MHz, with a new Athlon processor that supports the increase. The chip set will also support double data rate synchronous dynamic RAM (DDR SDRAM), doubling capacity from today’s 133MHz SDRAM. AMD will provide two DDR SDRAM versions, a 200MHz PC 1600 and a 266MHz PC 2100.

PC vendors are expected to announce systems based on the chipset and DDR memory next week. According to sources, AMD intends to keep the price increase minimal with systems costing less than comparable Pentium 4-based machines. The chipset and DDR SDRAM will not, reportedly, be available through resellers at launch. AMD will also announce a dual processor version of the chipset, the 760MP, to be available next year.

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