Micron’s SynchFlash uses contested SDRAM Interface

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Micron's SynchFlash uses contested SDRAM Interface

According to sources cited by industry insider, Jack Robertson, Intel Corp. is demanding that Rambus strike a clause in their licensing agreement prohibiting Intel from producing a DDR chip set until 2003. This would bolster reports that Intel is cutting Direct Rambus DRAM support from all but its expensive workstations in the next seven to eight months.

Intel is reportedly designing Almador and Brookdale chip sets for mid-2001 supporting both SDR and DDR memory. Assuming that Intel does get out of its Rambus contract, it will still have to make up six months of lost ground to Advanced Micro Devices. Fortunately for Intel, third-party chip set vendors supporting the Athlon are also producing DDR chip sets for the Pentium III.

Also, according to Robertson, Intel had tried to secure an exclusive license with Micron Technology Inc. for its DDR Samurai chip set but Micron refused because of plans to build a version to support AMD’s Athlon.

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