Elpidia signs with Rambus

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Elpidia signs with Rambus

Finally, the executive VP of Intel Corp.’s Architecture Group, has verified that his company will support double-data-rate SDRAM for the Pentium 4 when the market demands it. Paul Otellini told financial analysts that the first Pentium 4, code-named Willamette, will launch November 20 supporting only Rambus DRAM. The chip will, he says, run at 1.4GHz or faster. Next year, a single-data-rate SDRAM P4 chipset will be released, to be followed by a DDR SDRAM version. Otellini did not say how Intel will deal with its contractual agreement with Rambus not to make a DDR chipset unil 2003.

The VP predicted that Intel would be making more P4s than PIIIs by early 2002. Further discussions covered Intel’s plans to expand its communications chip business as well as hints about the company’s new notebook processor, which is to be based on an entirely new design. More information on the rest of the company’s chip plans was also released.

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