Mobo lack hurts P4 sales

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Mobo lack hurts P4 sales

Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) boss, Hilary Rosen, has asked Napster CEO Hank Barry, in a leaked letter, to apologize to the band Metallica and its drummer, Lars Ulrich. Rosen’s point is that Napster, by accepting money from corporate music giant Bertelsmann to charge fees for file-sharing, is now doing exactly what Ulrich was ridiculed for supporting. “I think the band and their team feel very undermined by the deal announced even though many of us support it,” Rosen said. “You guys have fostered the abuse that Lars and the band have taken for standing up for their rights, rights which you have acknowledged in theory in the past but now have a financial interest in supporting since you are taking Bertelsmann’s money.”

In related news, two top Bertelsmann executives, the chairman and chief executive of its BMG Entertainment music division, have resigned in the wake of the Napster deal. According to a Reuters story, sources say the resignation were due to unhappiness over the company’s restructuring.

For more on the apology request, read For the BMG story, read and


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