Online vote part of Florida recount

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Online vote part of Florida recount

Flash memory card technologies are set to take several big steps forward in the near future. According to the EE Times, imminent developments will enable the storage of full-length movies in cards that can be carried in wallets. Hitachi has announced that it will sell a MultiMediaCard next year with 128 MBytes of memory, capable of storing a minute of movie per MByte. Both Samsung Electronics and Toshiba are preparing 1-Gbit device NAND-type devices.

Flash memory makers are working now to devise a security system so that content can be commercially distributed on memory cards. Hitachi has already proposed a distribution system to the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI) group modeled on Japan’s Keitaide music system. The system distributes public and private keys through servers, mobile-phone memory cards and portable players to encrypt and decrypt license and content data.

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