Rambus prez predicts 40% DRAM share

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Rambus prez predicts 40% DRAM share

A “senior Intel representative” has reportedly told a writer for The Register that the chip company will deliver 2GHz Pentium 4s as early as January, 2001. According to “Intel sources,” P4 fabrication is running so well that the 2GHz version could ship in large volume three months earlier than planned. The same source confirmed that the P4 will support DDR SDRAM in Q2. To quote The Register’s source, “Expect to see P4 much earlier than on the roadmap – we’re aggressively going for AMD’s balls on the speed front. DirectX 8 is ready and lots of apps and games have been optimized, many more than for the PIII launch, which was a real cockup.”

In a related though somewhat contradictory story, a chip industry analyst says that competition with AMD is forcing Intel to cut P4 prices during the early stages of the chip’s product life cycle, when high margins would normally be expected.

To read the 2GHz P4 story, click theregister.co.uk. For the P4 pricing story, see ebnews.com.