Mir space station to burn

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Mir space station to burn

US Military Police are testing a whole gamut of electronic enhancements. Cops from the 91st Military Police Detachment are testing the futuristic system based on wearable computers developed by ViA Inc., MicroOptical Corp. and Honeywell Inc. The CPU supports a voice-operated interface with full day battery life. Cursor controls are built into a glove.

Cameras and displays contained in glasses let MPs use their weapon’s cameras to see or even aim around corners. Streaming video can be shared with other MPs or HQ. Information on suspects, including pictures and statistics can be called up by voice through noise-canceling bone-conduction microphone earphones. The system can continuously translate Spanish, Korean, Arabic, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Thai and Turkish to English and back with a five second delay.

For more information, read beyond2000.com and dtic.mil.