Pentium 4 press

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Pentium 4 press

Micron Technology Inc. has announced that it is sampling, or delivering test versions to industry sources, of 256-megabit, 266-MHz double-data-rate SDRAM memory. The Boise, Idaho company will begin production early 2001 when it expects demand for DDR by PC makers to increase. 1-gigabyte DIMMs will be available in Q1, 2001.

Company officials say that pricing for the 256-Mbit DDR chips will be comparable to 256-Mbit single-data-rate PC133 memory prices. They also say PCs based on Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s Athlon processors will be among the first systems to use their 256-Mbit DDR, though third-party DDR chipsets supporting PIII processors will also use Micron 256-Mbit DDR.

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