Micron, Hyundai ask FTC for Rambus antitrust action

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Micron, Hyundai ask FTC for Rambus antitrust action

According to the Electronic Buyers News, last week’s launch of the Pentium 4 microprocessor has not led to an increase in orders from OEMs for Direct Rambus DRAM memory. This is puzzling as it is the only memory supported by the current version of the P4 and memory manufacturers had expected an increase in demand for RDRAM memory.

Executives at Hyundai Electronics, Infineon Technologies, and Micron Technology have all said that they are seeing little call from PC makers for Rambus memory, and Hyundai and Micron say they have largely stopped Direct RDRAM chip production until orders appear. Infineon says it is holding unsold Direct RDRAM chip inventory and has also stopped production. Though all three are engaged in lawsuits with Rambus, they say they are willing to sell the memory. Analyst Bert McComas says some PC makers may be waiting on Rambus because Intel Corp. has promised that its Northwood-class Pentium 4 will support SDRAM memory by the middle of 2001.

Access the source article at ebnews.com.