British cops want super-Carnivore

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British cops want super-Carnivore

Intel Corp. and Analog Devices Inc. have announced their shared digital signal processor (DSP) architecture for the next generation of mobile and other computing devices. The joint project, begun two years ago, is aimed at the increasingly important and lucrative DSP market for chips used in everything from mobile phones and digital cameras to DSL modems and high-end radios. The two companies will use the same core to develop their own separate DSP chips, which will not be pin-compatible and are aimed at different market segments. Products using the technology are scheduled for release next year.

In related news, the DSP industry leader, Texas Instruments Inc. has announced a new DSP that will sell for only $3.50 targeted at cordless phones, electronic toys and other mass markets.

For more on the Intel, Analog Devices story, see and For information on the TI DSP, see


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