Ray guns stun victims

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Ray guns stun victims

Sun Microsystems is putting together a team of software engineers to work on a Java-based peer-to-peer technology. There is no specific application in mind though the company admits that the technology is attractive as a means of building interest in Java and its server systems. The technology has expanded past the Napster, Gnutella model as developers consider the uses of distributed networks that share resources, bandwidth and processing power, working as virtual supercomputers.

It remains to be seen how independent developers will treat Sun’s entrance into the P2P world. The community has already forced Intel Corp. to back off from its attempt to lead. It is believed, though, that Java would solve many of the problems that P2P systems, interacting with diverse systems, now face.

In associated news, venture capitalists and startups are approaching distributed and P2P computing with the hope of finding business models capable of exploiting potentially powerful systems of cooperating PCs and servers.

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