Rambus v. Infineon put off til May

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Rambus v. Infineon put off til May

A group of cryptographers, most remaining anonymous, has taken on the task of frustrating Britain’s RIP law that would force individuals to turn passwords and encryption keys over to the authorities upon request. The program, according to the organizers, would also thwart the US Carnivore program as well as systems either in place or proposed by New Zealand, Australia and the Council of Europe.

The effort and the program are known as “m-o-o-t” and, according to the faq, would include, besides encryption, a small operating system that would prevent any local copying or writing of files. The system would also implement remote Net-enabled storage of files and would make use of false keys. The group hopes to have the program ready by June when RIP takes effect.

For more information, read theregister.co.uk and m-o-o-t.org.