Microfluidic chips fabricated

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Microfluidic chips fabricated

Already, one company online is offering photographs of any spot on earth. In the near future, at least eleven more firms will enter the satellite picture market. For as little as $7.95 per square mile, customers will be able to obtain archived color images with resolutions down to a meter. Sequential, current pictures can also be acquired, at higher costs, and compared to show changes in a location, revealing considerable information about a site. Privacy activists express concerns about the service but analysts expect competition in the field to bring prices down and increase the popularity of the service even further.

In related news, obesity researchers at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland are using satellite Global Positioning System to monitor how many calories their overweight test subjects are burning.

For more on satellite photos, read zdnet.com. For more on calorie consumption monitoring, read newscientist.com and/or wired.com.