Intel debuts 800 MHz Celeron

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Intel debuts 800 MHz Celeron

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and Rambus Inc. have announced a patent license agreement covering SDRAM, Double Data Rate (DDR) SDRAM memory and their controller interfaces. As usual with Rambus licensing agreements, the royalty rates for DDR SDRAM and controllers are greater than RDRAM rates. Elpida, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, NEC, Oki, Samsung and Toshiba have signed similar license agreements with Rambus.

In related news, the US International Trade Commission has withdrawn unfavorable restrictions placed on any future Rambus Inc. actions regarding the trade body. ITC Administrative Law Judge Sidney Harris had previously ruled that Rambus was guilty of “judge shopping” and ruled that future complaints by Rambus would be dealt with personally by Harris, whom the company had purportedly sought to avoid. Also, the London High Court of Justice has indefinitely delayed the Rambus synchronous DRAM patent infringement case against Hyundai Electronics Industries Co. and Micron Technology Inc. until the European Patent Office rules on the legitimacy of the patents. Rambus had asked for an accelerated London court hearing but observers say the EPO review could be a long time coming.

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