PS2 to use Seagate hard drives

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PS2 to use Seagate hard drives

TDK Electronics says that it will begin selling a new generation of CD-ROM rewritable drives using MultiLevel Recording technology this year. The technology will triple storage capacity and recording speed. Other companies signed on to the technology include Calimetrics Inc., Mitsubishi, and Plextor.

ML technology will allow up to 2 GBytes storage at rates of up to 36X on $2 ML blanks, as opposed to 700 MBytes on standard CD-RW discs at 12X rates. TDK plans to scale up soon 3.2 GBytes discs. The technology needs no change in CD optics or hardware, relying on gray-scale disc encoding with 3 bits per spot yielding eight gray shades. TDK says ML will extend CD technology a number of years before DVD takes the market.

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