Philips pegs Transmeta for appliance platform

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Philips pegs Transmeta for appliance platform

Linus Torvalds officially announced a major new version of the open-source alternative to Windows and Unix. This version is supposed to increase Linux’s ease of use while expanding its ability to run high-end computer systems. In e-mail sent to a few friends, Torvalds wrote, “Enough is enough … Things don’t get better from having the same people test it over and over again,” In Torvalds’ words, In short, 2.4.0 is out there.”

In related news, Linux plays an important role in the new movie Antitrust. John “Maddog” Hall, the film’s technical advisor and executive director of Linux International, couldn’t work his schedule to be in the film so Miguel de Icaza, leader of the GNOME desktop project presents the protagonist with an open-source award in the film.

For more on 2.4, read and For more on Antitrust, see