DVD license fights looming

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DVD license fights looming

Kentron Technologies Inc. may be doing away with a large part of Rambus memory’s reported speed advantages, at very low cost. This month at the Platform Conference, the company will demonstrate a technique for doubling double-data-rate DRAM bandwidth using common field-effect transistor (FET) switches. The company says its “quad-band” memory technology will amplify DRAM bandwidth of 100-MHz (effectively 200-MHz) double-data-rate DDR DRAM from 1.6 gigabytes per second to 3.2 GBytes. Moreover, Kentron says the technology will be in use by late 2001 and will scale for later evolutions of DDR DRAM memory.

QBM delivers 4 bits per I/O cycle instead of 2 bits for normal DDR and 1 bit for SDRAM. Rambus Inc. uses a different technology to achieve the same 4 bits per clock cycle. Kentron’s QBM uses an external switching mechanism and EE Times says it could help DDR compete against Rambus DRAMs for main Pentium 4 memory. The technology has the advantage of being “off-the-shelf” and cheap, as FETs cost about $1 each.

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