Home power-line network chips near

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Home power-line network chips near

Microsoft Research is working on a peer-to-peer storage project, called Farsite, that looks forward to a day when bandwidth has increased dramatically. Microsoft’s project follows one by the University of California at Berkeley, called OceanStore, that is backed by the US Defense Research, IBM and EMC. Both groups believe they may be working on what may be the future of large organizations’ storage technologies.

Unlike distributed file systems like Napster, that rely on central servers, Farsite is a “serverless file system” described as a network of clients with no hierarchy. All elements of the storage system would be distributed. According to Microsoft’s chief researcher, the technology is aimed at organizations with around 100,000 machines, storing around 100 billion files, containing around 10,000 teraBytes of data. OceanStore is thinking even bigger, looking at networks of 10 billion computers, containing 100 billion teraBytes of data.

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